MI Basic Driver Improvement Online

This course is designed to teach you safe driving strategies, defensive driving techniques and other important traffic factors that help minimize risks associated with hazards on the road. In addition, this basic driver improvement course includes applicable Michigan state traffic laws to help drivers avoid and prevent traffic violations and accidents.

The course is a total of 4 hours, and consists of 7 modules, including:

  • Traffic Crash Problems
  • The Human Factors
  • OWI Prevention
  • Crash Dynamics
  • Safety Equipment
  • Crash Prevention Techniques
  • Michigan Traffic Laws

At the conclusion of the course you will be prompted to take and pass a final exam. The final exam consists of 20 questions that you must score 70% or better to pass. You have three attempts to pass. If you fail after 3 attempts, you can register for the course again. There is no limit to how many times you can take the course within your 60 day eligibility period.

Driver Imrpovement Benefits

  • First Approved Online BDIC
  • No Points or Insurance Increase
  • Free Certificate
  • Automatic Completion Reporting
  • No Extra Fees

Provided By:
American Safety Council